Trading Idea: LOCO
Signal: XAU/USD
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3 Things to Remember When Trading Bigger Forex Positions

Let’s face it: We’re all in this for the big bucks. Whether we’re tinkering around with our forex demo accounts or playing with a few dollars in our live accounts, it has never been far from our minds that our Continue reading

Why Forex Trader Do What They Do

I know how you feel, believe me. You’re more than likely still working the “real” job to pay the bills and put treats in your and your family’s mouths. Forex trading is an after-work (or maybe during work) hobby, and Continue reading

Trading Idea: LOCO

XAUUSDDaily idea

Beberapa minggu terakhir ini karena beberapa urusan yang mendesak, saya tidak sempat untuk membuat artikel-artikel investasi sehingga saya memutuskan untuk mengcopy beberapa artikel dari untuk memenuhi kekosongan. Mudah-mudahan kedepannya saya bisa kembali membuat artikel-artikel yang bermanfaat bagi para pembaca Continue reading

How to Cope With Forex Trading Stress

Updated from its original posting on 2011-03-28 Forex trading, at the very least, requires you to deal with risk and the unknown every single day. Because of the uncertainty surrounding trading, you will most likely encounter events that may change Continue reading

Forex Broker Types

The first step in choosing a broker is finding out what your choices are. You don’t just walk into a restaurant, knowing what to order right away, do you? Not unless you’re a frequent customer there, of course. More often Continue reading

5 Excuses to Avoid When Starting Your Forex Trading Career

Updated from its original posting on 2012-08-24 “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” – American Inventor George Carver For those who have just heard of forex trading and are seriously considering becoming a Continue reading